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The Professional Medical Records Solution

Attorney Looking For Medical Records

- Precision Data Capture -
The Stress-Free Record Retrieval Experience
That Helps Busy Attorneys Access Medical Records To Move Cases Across Their Desk, Fast.

Precision Data Capture changes the playing field by reimagining how you get your medical records. 

  • No Extra Staff Required
  • No Inflated Fees
  • No Upfront Payments
  • No Headaches
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Getting Medical Records is Now
Faster Than Ever!


Free signup and no time-consuming contracts.

When It Comes To Medical Record Retrieval,
We Know What's Important To You.

Access, Speed, & Value

Precision Data Capture stops the chaos swirling around requesting medical records for complex personal injury and mass tort cases. Our platform, people, and processes address the needs of busy attorneys. We provide quick access to a large volume of records while managing the retrieval hurdles at reasonable costs, creating the perfect environment that supports faster-moving cases. 

Precision Solutions That Support Your Goals

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Revolutionary Turnkey Retrieval Solution: 
  • Complete request process management
  • Coordinate and work with all retrieval companies
  • Physician review 
  • Connect and communicate with patients
  • Easy tracking and status updates

Precision Data Capture Blogs

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